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2. Extended Information

Extended Information

This is where you provide all the details about your campaign. Anything that’s important for your potential donors to know, this is where you can tell them.

  1. Organize the description with the most specific information about your campaign (what you’re fundraising for, why it’s important to donate now, how a donation will help, etc.) at the top. Get more general (your organization’s mission statement, contact info, extended reward descriptions, etc.).
  2. Include images that are relevant to your campaign. The best images are wide (landscape) and highlight the work you do. Try to include images that highlight the work you do.
  3. Suggested minimum donation – normally $5 or $10, but can be whatever you want.
  4. Allow donors to enter their own amounts – only un-tick this if it’s mandatory that donors select rewards (for example if you’re selling tickets for an event).
  5. Campaign Duration – select the duration that’s most appropriate. Once the campaign is live, you’ll be able to change the end date & time.
  6. Select the area of interest that’s most relevant to your campaign.
  7. Public Campaign – ticking this lists the campaign on WeDidIt ‘all campaigns’ page. If you don’t want your campaign to be discoverable, un-tick the box.



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