WeDidIt Academy

1. Basic Information

Basic Information

This is where you lay out the building blocks of your campaign. As you fill in the fields, keep a few things in mind.Don’t put your organization’s name in the title (it will be displayed beneath it on the page).

  1. Your synopsis is what’s displayed under your campaign title when you share it on social media. Keep it short – you’ll have plenty of space to elaborate on the details of your campaign in your campaign description on the next page.
  2. Be considerate when setting your goal – “ambitious but realistic” is a good motto. It’s better to hit 200% of a $5,000 goal than 50% of a $20,000 goal.
  3. If your campaign is all-or-nothing, are you sure you want it to be?
  4. ‘Allow peer campaigns’ will add a ‘Fundraise with us’ button to your campaign page that lets your supporters click to create personal fundraising pages.


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