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Withdrawing your funds / Linking your bank account

For your privacy & security, WeDidIt has no access to your funds or the withdrawal settings of your WePay account. This is so that we can’t freeze or withhold any of your funds raised. Because of this, you’ll need to set up your bank account withdrawal settings directly through WePay.

NOTE: Authorizing WePay collection is the only action you take through the WeDidIt platform. Once this is done, every WePay-related activity will be done exclusively in your WePay account (which your WeDidIt representative has no access to). If you reach out to your WeDidIt representative, all they can do is ask your same questions to WePay (acting as a middleman).

Once you’re done authorizing WePay collection through your WeDidIt account, you’ll be able to start accepting donations. However you won’t be able to withdraw your donations to your bank account until you link your bank account to your WePay account.

You must link your bank account to your WePay account within 30 days of creating your WePay account.

To begin withdrawing your funds / linking your bank account, visit this section of WePay’s Help Center for step-by-step instructions.

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