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We white label all of our technology for you. This means that although WeDidIt powers your fundraising pages and you use your WeDidIt account to create and edit them, they all look and feel native to your site (not ours). This helps ensure a great donation experience for your donors and allows you to maintain your branding across all your online fundraising.

Setting up your white label is part of the onboarding process and is normally a one-time set-up, which means that if you do a site redesign, we’ll charge a small fee to dedicate time to create a new white label for your new site. Building and delivering your white label takes between 10-12 business days from the time you create your WeDidIt account.

It’s important to note that white labeling is not unrestricted web design. Our tech team builds it by making a custom version of our pages that look like yours (your header/navigation bar, your fonts and colors) but still needs to have the structure of WeDidIt pages. So things like colors and fonts can be changed, but the structure & layout cannot. If you have any custom requests (i.e. changes to your fundraising pages that are not self-service on your end and require our tech team to manually alter your page), please allow 10 business days for them to be delivered. These are also not covered under a standard contract, so they’re considered favors by our tech team (it requires them to divert their time from their other deadlines).

Our tech team will make every effort to match your site as closely as possible, however from time to time they need to make small stylistic changes (depending on the layout of your site) to ensure it’s optimized for our page formatting.

NOTE: There are 2 versions of your campaign pages, the non-white label (WeDidIt) version, and the white label version. When you preview/share/etc. your pages ensure you’re using your white label version of the page.

Here’s an example. First is the WeDidIt version of this campaign page. It looks like the WeDidIt site:

WeDidIt 2015 Walk a thon

This is the white label version of the campaign page. Note the header and color scheme are unique to the organization’s site, not ours:

Saint Saviour High School 2015 Walk a thon


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