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WePay is our payment processor. Although their name sounds similar to ours, they’re an entirely separate company and for your privacy and security we have no access to your WePay account, your account settings or your funds. We can see the donations you receive, but can’t hold or freeze your funds, take any funds into our account or any other account. Because of this, anything relating to your WePay account is best handled by contacting them directly. You’ll create a Wepay account for your organization as part of this course and be able to manage your account with them directly.

From the time that you create your organization’s account in WePay, you have thirty days to link your bank account with WePay to accept donated funds. After thirty days, WePay can deactivate your account and you won’t be able to receive new donations.

When you sign in, you’ll see a notification to ‘Authorize WePay collection’. Click through to set up your WeDidIt account.


Once you’ve authorized collection, you can link your bank account. You’ll need to sign in to your WePay account at – once you do you’ll be prompted through the sets to link your bank.

The quickest way to get help is to live chat with them. Just sign into your WePay account and click the bottom-right corner for a live chat tab. If it’s not there, you can submit a support ticket through their site or just email directly with your question to get help.

You can also download donation records from WePay, however they’ll be (very slightly) different than your WeDidIt records. While WeDidIt focuses more on donor data (i.e. did the donor leave you a message, were they on a phone or computer when they donated, did they select a reward, etc.), WePay focus on financial data – net funds raised, percentages that went to processing & transactions, etc. An easy way to think about is that your Director of Development would want your WeDidIt records, whereas your accountant would want your WePay records.


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