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General Donation Page

This is the general, 24/7 donation portal for your website. It’s designed to provide the best donation experience possible for your donors on every kind of device, so that whether they’re on your site on a laptop, desktop, phone or tablet, they’re easily able to complete their donation in three easy steps. The format & layout are based on studies of variations of checkout pages from millions of donors to determine the optimal donation experience for donation conversions – i.e. people who get to the page and end up completing their donation. Because of this, the layout can’t be changed but the content can. Through your WeDidIt dashboard, you can edit:

  • Text and images along the left hand side (can’t embed a video).
  • The four suggested donation amounts (but it has to be four – no more, no less).
  • Optional: add ‘designations’
  • Optional: require donor’s address, make contribution in honor of

The Donation Page also plays a post-donation video. This can be anything you like, and most organizations choose to do a thank you video, even if it’s just a DIY video of the staff. Feel free to be creative! If you don’t have a video, you can choose an image instead.
To get the Donation Page on your site, all you need to do is link to it from your site’s ‘donate’ buttons. Anywhere it says Donate/Contribute/Support/etc. on your site, have those places redirect to your WeDidIt URL. It’s not mandatory through your subscription that you use it, but it’s proven to increase donation conversions by 15%, and mobile donation conversions by 35% so we always recommend it!

Here’s an example:

Center for Asian American Media Donate

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