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Campaign Pages

These are pages that you create for specific fundraising programs, projects and endeavors. Campaigns have a goal, a deadline, and they publicly show how many people have donated and how close you are to hitting your goal. They require a media component (either copy & paste a YouTube URL or build a slideshow in your WeDidIt account), give you the option of adding both rewards & suggested donation amounts, provide a campaign description full of text, images & gifs, and also link directly to all your social media for easy sharing.

You can have as many campaign pages live at the same time as you like and create & edit them yourself. Once a page goes live, you can change anything on the page except:

  • Whether it’s an all-or-nothing or traditional campaign
  • Any rewards that have already been selected by donors

Otherwise, you can change anything else – including the end date & time in case you need to extend your campaign. You can also edit the total amount of funds raised and people who who have donated. We call this ‘adding offline donations’ – a way for you to manually enter donations made to your campaign that didn’t come directly through the campaign page itself, such as checks, cash, or funds already raised before the campaign page was created.

Environmental Voter Project Environmental Voter Project Launch Campaign

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